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"It makes me cringe to think of anything like that. I never thought “hey, I’m a sexy guy, I’m gonna go out and be sexy!” Everythingthat I do is quite not sexy. I’m kind of awkward and feminine and weird. But apparently that works!"

— Matty Healy on being called a “sex symbol” (x)

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"I’m a 25 years old in a rock band. I put a leather jacket on for a reason."

— Matty Healy about being called a sex symbol (x)

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all packed up and ready to go. #liketkit @liketkit


This is the English word I want to get tattooed on my wrist. It means “to keep breathing even though the water rises all around you.” English is such a mystical exotic language. They can fit so much meaning into so small a word.

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i cant believe that is literally beyoncé’s face as she is plummeting off a building

i am laying down in bed with a double chin

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spoopytavros: what does puta mean?



It means companion or best friend :)

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